It Was Love At First Spoonful!

It Was Love At First Spoonful!

Sweet Nothings & RISE Coffee Together at Last


Being a mom is tough in the best of times, and now more than ever we need nutritious snacks not just for our kids, but for ourselves. I'm typically not a coffee drinker, but eating coffee is a different story.

I’m so excited to announce our newest spoonable smoothie flavor: Sweet Nothings RISE Coffee! It’s a unique blend of RISE Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and natural superfoods. What I love about this new smoothie flavor is that like the rest of our line, each ingredient perfectly complements the other, so there’s no need to add chemicals or sugar, just healthy, fresh, better for you ingredients.

Both Sweet Nothings and RISE Brewing Co. share a mission to create quality products with the best tasting organic ingredients, so it was only a matter of time before we joined forces to make something together. Both of our brands come from a mindset of making  products not only for ourselves to enjoy, but also for our friends and family. With the launch of the RISE Coffee Frozen Spoonable Smoothie, both Sweet Nothings and RISE Brewing Co. aim to show you that healthy can and should taste delicious.

Sweet Nothings RISE Coffee Spoonable Smoothies will be available exclusively on our website through October, with 12 packs delivered right to your door.


I can’t wait for you to try! 


With Love,

Beth Porter 

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